Recent Results from Bids and Proposals

May 2021

Des Plaines HVAC Improvements

February 2021

Maxell LCD Projectors

Signage & Wayfinding Fabrication and Installation

January 2021

Des Plaines Cafeteria Renovation

November 2020

Cisco Edge Network Equipment

Printing of the Oakton Non-Credit Class Schedule

Facilities Condition Assessment Study

September 2020

Skokie Parking Lot Repairs

Cognex Vision System for Machine Automation

August 2020

Adobe Cloud Subscription

Flow Meter System Installation

June 2020

Transportation Services for Athletic Teams 

Concrete Sidewalk Repair/Replacement

May 2020

Advertising Agency - Digital and Traditional Marketing

Food Service

April 2020

Signage and Wayfinding Consulting Services

February 2020

Website Redesign and Development Services

Maxell LCD Classroom Projectors

December 2019

Maintenance of Natural Areas, two-year contract

November 2019

Printing of the Oakton Non-Credit Class Schedule

Wide Area Network, Internet Services, and Telephony Services, 5 Year Contract

IT Assessment and Strategic Plan Consulting Services

October 2019

Skokie Campus Student Center and Student Center Renovation

September 2019

McAfee Antivirus Software Gold Business Support

Skokie Campus Student Center and Student Street Renovation

August 2019

2019 John Deere XUV865M UTV Crossover Gator

Main Entrance Renovation Project at both campuses

June 2019

Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Licensing Subscriptions

Catalog and Curriculum Management System – Three Year Contract

May 2019

Palo Alto Networks Firewallls Updates, Support and Subscriptions

East End Interior Renovations - Carpet Replacement

East End Interior Renovations - Interior Painting Services

East End Interior Renovations - Moving Services

Parking Lot Rehabilitation at both campuses

April 2019

Athletic Training Services

Hitachi CP-WU5505 LCD Multimedia Projectors

Clarke Janitorial Equipment

West End Interior Signage

Intel Core i7 - 8th Generation Processor Laptops

Server and Storage Equipment

Wireless Network Equipment

March 2019

West End Construction Phase Two

Steelcase Brand Classroom Tables and Chairs with Installation

January 2019

Printing of the Oakton Non-Credit Class Schedules

Consulting and Project Management Services for Website Audit

Systimax Fiber Optic Data Network Cabling and Installation

Learning Outcomes Assessment Software - Three Year Contract

December 2018

Water Pressure Booster System

November 2018

Steelcase Furniture with Installation

October 2018

NWMC Supplemental Cooling Bid #0927-18-08

Energy Management and Commodities Procurement - Four Year Contract

Apple iMac Computers

Edge Network Equipment

UPS System Computer Equipment

September 2018

Xerographic Paper

Data Warehouse Software

Customer Relations Management System

August 2018

Microsoft Campus Agreement - 3 year contract

Lift Station Electrical Feeder

Waste Removal, Recycling Services, and Organics Collection - 4 year contract

Plastic Liners