Payment Options

Paying for Your Oakton Education

Oakton students must either pay their full tuition or enroll in an EZ Pay Payment Plan by the semester’s payment due date before attending classes. If you miss a payment due date, you may be dropped from classes at the discretion of Oakton. You are responsible for tuition and fees and will be charged accordingly unless you officially withdraw online at myOakton, in writing or in-person at the Enrollment Center.

Review the payment schedule, learn more about EZ Pay and check out frequently asked questions about Oakton's payment options below.

Manage Tuition Payments in myOakton

Keeping track of your tuition payments on top of your coursework is made easy with myOakton. Your myOakton account is the hub for all of your payment inquiries regarding college costs, financial aid resources, setting up a payment plan and more. For your convenience, tuition bills are only available online—they are not mailed. You can access your electronic tuition statement and review your payments at any time by logging on to your myOakton account.

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Payment Schedule

Tuition and fees are due according to the following schedule. Payment must be made in full or via enrollment in the EZ Pay Payment Plan by the due date.

Summer 2024 Semester

If you initially register March 18 through April 17:

  • Payment in full or enrollment in the E-Z Pay Tuition Payment Plan is required no later than April 22, 2024.

If you initially register after April 17:

  • Payment in full or enrollment in the E-Z Pay Tuition Payment Plan is required immediately.

EZ Pay Tuition Payment Plan

What is EZ Pay?

To help students meet their academic goals, Oakton offers a deferred tuition plan that is term-based. EZ Pay is not a loan; there is no credit check, no interest or finance charges, and no debt. Payments can be made with automated bank payments via a checking or savings account or a credit or debit card.


  • Convenient online enrollment
  • Monthly scheduled payment plan
  • Flexible payment options
  • Interest-free
  • Avoid the risk of being dropped from your classes
  • Low enrollment fee (non-refundable, $25 per semester)
  • Option to designate a third party for payment via student’s myOakton account

Payment Methods

  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)
  • Credit card/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accepted)

Payments are processed on the fifth of the month and will continue until the balance is paid in full. A minimum tuition bill of $100 is required to enroll in the EZ Pay Tuition Payment Plan. $25 returned payment fee if a payment is returned.

Three Easy Enrollment Steps

Log into myOakton at

1. Under Financial Aid and College Resources
2. Select Bill and Payment
3. Choose Payment Plans

Enroll in the EZ Pay Payment Plan

Enrollment Deadlines

Summer 2024

Enrollment Deadline Required Down Payment Number of Payments Months of Payments
April 22 0% 3 May - July
May 23 20% 2 June - July
June 20 50 1 July Only


Enrollment deadlines are for the EZ Pay Payment Plan only. Payment deadlines for tuition and fees are based on the registration date.

Attention Financial Aid Recipients

All scholarship, veteran and financial assistance recipients must enroll in the Financial Aid EZ Pay Payment Plan—even if tuition and fees are covered in full—because any change in enrollment status may decrease eligibility for financial aid. Students expecting financial assistance to pay their tuition and fees must also enroll in EZ Pay.

Financial Aid EZ Pay Payment Plan

The Financial Aid EZ Pay Payment Plan is similar to a standard EZ Pay plan. Rather than your payments being debited to a checking account, if you have Financial Aid funds within your account, that balance will be auto-withdrawn for bill payments.

  • Financial aid recipients will only be charged a fee for using EZ Pay if funds are withdrawn from the student’s bank account or charged to a credit card.
  • If a student’s enrollment status changes after receiving financial aid—and a balance is now due—Oakton will charge the $25 enrollment fee and initiate the payment plan process to collect the balance.
  • Financial aid recipients are responsible for meeting their payment obligations, being aware of all deadline dates and completing their financial aid application on time.

Questions? Contact the Financial Assistance Team via email at

Available Payment Methods

You may pay by cash, check or credit card.


Checks must show the student’s name, student I.D. number and the semester or session for which the payment is being made. College staff will write student I.D. numbers on checks where a student has not done so already. If you prefer not to have your I.D. number on your check, please submit your payment by cashier’s check, money order or cash. Do not submit cash for mail-in or drop-off payments.

Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted in-person or online at or EZ Pay (requires a login ID and password).

About Third-Party Payments and Authorized Users

Students may authorize a third party—such as a parent, spouse, or employer—to access tuition and payment information through myOakton. Once set up, the authorized third party may view a bill, make a payment and establish a payment plan. Depending on the level of security granted, an authorized third party may also view financial history. The authorized third party may make a payment or establish a payment plan. Authorized third parties do not have access to restricted academic information such as the student’s personal information, class schedule, grades or additional financial aid information.

To authorize a third party:

  • Login to myOakton.
  • Within Quick Links, select Bill and Payment - EZ Pay.
  • Select Authorized Users.
  • Create an account.

Payment Requirements and FAQs

Oakton requires payment in full, enrollment in the EZ Pay Tuition Payment Plan or enrollment in the Financial Aid EZ Pay Payment Plan before the payment due date.

Your myOakton dashboard. Reviewing payment history, finding details about your tuition bill and financial aid, submitting tuition payments and much more can all be handled within your myOakton account.

If payment is not made by the due date, students may be dropped from courses at Oakton's discretion.

Oakton limits connections from outside the U.S. to many of its systems, including myOakton. If you plan to be out of the country for part or all of a term, you will not be able to pay your bill, check your grades, register or perform other transactions usually accessible through myOakton. Get in touch with the Cashier’s Office at 847.635.1639 or email, for more information and assistance with your payment plans while abroad.