myOakton and Email for Students

myOakton is our web interface (portal) with our student record system, as well as a place for campus announcements, student news, and general college information. Applicants have direct access to services like registering online, adding and dropping classes online (within the add/drop period) and students can look up grades, get unofficial transcripts and more. myOakton is also used for access to online or web enhanced classes, email and most other web resources for students. Access to this portal is at The Login ID is constructed from your name and your Oakton-assigned "Oakton ID" and is printed on your bill/schedule.   Your instructor also has your Oakton ID on the class roster. An ID Lookup form is available to locate your ID online; see also Student Network Login IDs.

Student Email
Oakton credit students have the option to activate an Oakton email account; alternatively, credit students can use an off-campus email instead.  Once activated, your Oakton email may remain active as long as you are enrolled in credit courses.  If you are not currently enrolled in classes, your login/email account becomes "inactive" (inactive student email accounts are deleted after the start of each term). Non-credit students do not have the option to activate an Oakton email account, unless they are taking a class that requires them to log onto the Oakton network. 

Credit students wishing to activate an Oakton email account should visit  Log in, click the "Email" link near the upper right-hand corner of your personal home page, and follow the instructions provided.

Once your account is activated, you can access your email account on or off campus with our Web Mail system at  On campus you can use the more sophisticated email program, Mozilla Thunderbird.   

Additional options for email, such as forwarding and setting your preferred address, can be found in under the Register/Pay/Grades tab, in the Personal Information menu.  You can choose to receive your Oakton email by forwarding it to a non-Oakton account; if you choose to forward email, you may continue to receive Oakton email even when the account is inactive.  If you set up forwarding, you cannot access your email account using webmail or Thunderbird. If you plan on setting your preferred email to your Oakton email, it must be an active account. Simply selecting your Oakton email as your preferred email will not activate it.

All students should check under the Register/Pay/Grades tab, in the Personal Information menu to make certain their preferred method of email communication is selected.

Preferred Email
Your preferred email is either the non-Oakton email address you provided on your online application (or set at a later date), or your Oakton email address (note: if you want to use your Oakton email, you need to set it as your preferred email and activate it using the steps above).  All bills will be sent to your preferred email , so please be sure to verify your email in under the Register/Pay/Grades tab, in the Personal Information menu.