Social and Behavioral Science and Education

Lead, Inspire and Help Others

Programs in social and behavioral science and education will teach you how to explore the world around you and apply the lessons of history to today’s problems.

There are career opportunities across many fields with this degree. You may find your calling as a sociologist, historian or political science researcher in the industrial or government sectors. Many students of social and behavioral science and education find themselves interested in the larger world and other cultures, an interest which Oakton can cultivate with our global studies and geography programs.

If teaching others is your passion, Oakton’s education programs can instruct you on how to help the next generation of students prepare for their future. Discover more of what you can learn about the world and its inhabitants by browsing our programs below.

Programs of Study

AnthropologyEarly Childhood EducationEconomicsElementary EducationGeographyGlobal StudiesHistoryJewish StudiesParaprofessional Educator Peace and Social JusticePolitical SciencePsychology Secondary EducationSocial ScienceSociologySpecial EducationWomen, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Success in Social Science Careers

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Students come to Oakton to study the social sciences for many reasons. Many plan to complete a program at Oakton before transferring to another institution for an advanced degree.

For example, you may plan to start a career with an associate degree in History from Oakton, then continue to study the era and topic of your particular interest elsewhere. Or you may already have a bachelor's degree in another discipline and want to transition that knowledge into a teaching job by pursuing an Education program. Maybe you've recently become passionate about making a difference in your community and seek to become a local leader with a Political Science degree.

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We're always looking ahead to what comes next, including what's next for you after Oakton. The Career and Transfer Center is available to help you define your career goals, plan for college transfers, assist with job searches and more. If you need help with transitioning to a new career or finishing up requirements for teaching certification, Oakton will make sure you have the necessary guidance to succeed.

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Featured Program

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Peace and Social Justice

The Peace and Social Justice Studies program at Oakton College is committed to exploring diverse ideas and practices of social justice and nonviolence, which have emerged in response to conflicts and suffering around the world. We envision a broad approach to the study of peace and social justice, including courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

About the Peace and Social Justice Program

Frequently Asked Questions

You don't necessarily need to be a people person to be a good fit for this path. Both introverts and extroverts excel in Social and Behavioral Science programs, particularly in the academic world. Careers in education or government are common outcomes for students of our programs. A typical social and behavioral science student is likely to enjoy reading, the arts and traveling, and is excited when discovering new information or experiences.

Students pursuing social sciences careers are patient and organized with a passion for learning. Our political science and social justice programs students stay up-to-date with current news and world events and are often passionate about activism and social causes. Those seeking to become teachers in early childhood and elementary education levels are fond of children and feel fulfilled by helping them. Others love to engage with their particular topic of interest via research and become historians, sociologists or other knowledgeable experts in their field. If any of this sounds like you, browse our programs above to learn more.

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Yes! Visit Transfer Services to get information about transferring to or from Oakton. Many plan to transfer to a four-year institution after completing an Oakton course or program. Our university partnerships with leading schools in the region and beyond make transferring a simple process at Oakton.

Degree-seeking students must complete placements in reading, writing and math. Certificate-seeking and visiting students do not have to complete placement tests but are still required to submit prerequisites for any classes that require them.

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