Advisory Committee

The Stem Scholars Advisory Committee meets each semester to assess progress, make suggestions for improvements, and assist in on-going, formative evaluation. The composition of the advisory committee includes individuals of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and academic disciplines, reflecting the goals of STEM Scholars.

Internal (Oakton)

Michele Brown
Director, Student Recruitment and Outreach
Oakton Community College

John Carzoli, Ph.D.
Professor, Physics
Oakton Community College

Reza Dai
Chair, Computer Networking & Systems; Professor, Electronics, Local Area Networks & Mathematics
Oakton Community College

Majid Ghadiri
Chair, Electronics & Computer Technologies; Professor, Mathematics & Technologies
Oakton Community College

Al Grippe
Director of Grants Strategy and Development
Oakton Community College

Krissie Harris
Manager of Student Life and Campus Inclusion, Lecturer
Oakton Community College

Tess Lesniak
Instructor, Biology
Oakton Community College

Shannon McKenzie
Internship Specialist
Oakton Community College

Gary Mines, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry
Oakton Community College

Juletta Patrick
Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Access, Equity and Diversity
Oakton Community College

Bob Sompolski, Ph.D.
Dean of STEM and Health Careers
Oakton Community College

Ella Whitehead
Manager, Career and Transfer Center
Oakton Community College

External (Community)

Greg Beitel, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Molecular Bioscience
Northwestern University

Ami LeFevre
Director of Science
Niles West High School

Jeff Rylander
Instructional Supervisor for Science
Glenbrook South High School

Rebecca Stewart
District CTE Department Chair
Maine Township District 207

Michelle Vasquez
Post-secondary Counselor
Evanston Township High School

David Wartowski
STEM Director
District 69

Dianna Yu
Director of Science
Niles North High School