Yong Yoo

When Yong Yoo ’18 was ready for a new career, he knew manufacturing would be a good bet. “The job market is booming and there’s potential for career growth and top pay,” he said. He landed an Oakton apprenticeship that gave him paid job experience while he completed his manufacturing degree. He gained a strong foundation in the sector through hands-on training on industry-standard equipment at Oakton with faculty members who bring years of experience to the classroom. Plus, they helped connect him to opportunities like the apprenticeship and further education. 

“Oakton made my career happen,” he says. “The professors were really willing to help me. They connected me directly to companies in the manufacturing industry.”

After graduating from Oakton, Yong went on to complete his bachelor’s from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and plans to continue deepening his skills by pursuing a master’s degree.

In his day-to-day work, he makes parts for airplanes. “Whenever I fly, I know that there’s a part in the plane that I made. It makes me proud.”