Transfer Services

Get Personalized Help With Your College Transfer

Oakton offers various advising services to ensure that you're on your ideal path to success. Transferring from one college to another can present some unique hurdles. Throughout your journey, we want to help set you up for a successful college career—even if you plan to transfer out of Oakton after just one semester. Once you're an Oakton student, you're always an Oakton student.

  1. Plan Your Courses With Academic Advising Services
  2. Get Help With Enrollment at the Enrollment Center
  3. Look Ahead at the Career and Transfer Center

Helpful Tips and Resources for Transfer Students

Transferring Resources

From reviewing overall transfer strategies to learning how credits work, we have compiled a list of helpful links covering various college transfer topics.

Transfer Guides

Learn how to transfer your college credit to Oakton or transfer your Oakton credits to your next destination. Find your current or future college on a list of the most popular transfer destinations to and from Oakton.

College Visits and Fairs

Our region regularly has college fairs and events, some specifically for transfer and non-traditional students. Check out what's coming next in your area.