Math Placement Test

Oakton Uses ALEKS Math Assessment Tool

This tool is structured into three phases 1) Initial Placement Assessment 2) Prep and Learning Modules 3) Retesting (if desired)

After taking the test a score reflecting your placement will be displayed. If you are not satisfied with your placement after this first attempt and are not currently enrolled in a Math class, you are encouraged to take the ALEKS assessment again.

  • ALEKS can be taken a total of 5 times over a one-year period.
  • In order to retest, work in ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules is required. (Instructions are below)
  • Assessments can be taken at either the Oakton campus or remotely.
  • If you have taken the ALEKS exam in a proctored environment at another university within the last 2 years and wish to transfer the score, you will need to send the results to Oakton. Instructions to send these results (PDF) (176 KB) to Oakton are available.
  • If a year has elapsed from when you first took the test and you wish to take the assessment again, a new subscription can be purchased.

Refer to the course catalog for more information on any of the Mathematics courses listed below in the ALEKS Score Chart.

It’s important that you consult with an academic advisor to determine which course is appropriate for you. Some courses are designed to coordinate with a specific degree or certificate. Contact the Enrollment Center at 847.635.1700, Room 1860, Des Plaines or 847.635.1400, Room A100, Skokie

See chart below for overview.

Before retesting, it is required that you spend time working in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules to improve your skills. Work in the modules can be done at any location (no password is required.)
To access the modules,

  • Log into myOakton, click on the Discover link on the left side of the page
  • In the search bar, type in ALEKS, then hit Enter on your keyboard.
    • If you want to add the Aleks (Math) test card to your myOakton homepage, click on the bookmark icon on the upper right hand corner of the card
  • Click on the Access the ALEKS placement test link
  • The Prep and Learning modules will open. Choose the desired learning path.
  • Work in the modules does not have to be completed in one session. A timer on the left side of the module screen keeps track of how much time you have spent in the modules. You can spend more time than is required.

ALEKS retest conditions:

  • Before the 2nd attempt—3 hours of work in the Prep and Learning Modules is required
  • Before the 3rd attempt—3 additional hours of work is required.
  • Before the 4th attempt—5 additional hours of work is required.
  • And before the 5th attempt—8 additional hours of work is required.

If you have questions regarding your ALEKS results or would like guidance about retesting, please contact:

ALEKS Retest Support
Division of STEM

If you have questions related to your placement, please contact:
Mathematics Assessment Coordinator, Division of STEM

  • There is no fee for first time account holders. Oakton students have free access to four additional assessment attempts for one year from the date of the initial assessments, and access to the Prep and Learning Modules for one year from the start of working in the modules.
  • If your subscription has expired and you wish to purchase a new subscription for $20, please contact either Testing Center (Des Plaines - 847.635.1939, Skokie - 847.635.1446) for directions.

ALEKS Score Chart

Effective Fall 2023

Cut Score   

Math courses for which a student can register:


065, 111, 114


All of the above and 070


All of the above and 080, 085, 087, 088, 095, 102, 116


All of the above and 092, 125, 131


All of the above and 122, 128, 140


All of the above and 143, 144, 149, 180, 190


All of the above and 250


If you have an ALEKS score of 46 or above, you have satisfied the Geometry requirement. You may have fulfilled your requirement for geometry through previous coursework. To see if you have met the geometry requirement:

  • Log into and click on Discover
  • Where it says "Find Cards," type in Student Links and hit Enter on your keyboard
  • In the "Student Links" card, click on Student Profile
  • Choose “Prior Education and Testing”
  • Find “Geometry Requirement” in the Testing portion of the screen (lower right)
    • A value of 1 = requirement met
    • A value of 0 = requirement has not yet been met

If you have not satisfied the Geometry prerequisite … register for MAT 080 if you intend to take MAT 128, 140 or 149.

Students sitting on Des Plaines steps.

To meet the prerequisite of an Oakton course in Mathematics, you must have one of the following: