Campus Activities Board

Get Involved in Campus Event Planning

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) at Oakton College is a student organization committed to hosting campus-wide events that contribute to the Oakton experience and nurture a vibrant student life at Oakton's two campuses. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) strives to coordinate programs and services that enhance students’ social, personal, educational and professional growth.  

CAB students have the opportunity to work directly with agents representing talent, negotiate contracts with professional booking agencies and engage in strategic planning and campus marketing. CAB receives an annual operating budget of approximately $60,000.

Learn more about CAB West at Des Plaines and CAB East at Skokie below.

CAB West (Des Plaines)

CAB West is committed to coordinating extracurricular activities at Oakton's Des Plaines campus. It plans social activities, educational events and entertainment on campus. CAB West plans these events in cooperation with other student groups and departments.

CAB West is operated by a group of students who voluntarily commit their time to create a vibrant student life on campus. The student members of the board decide what programs to support, how their events will take place and how their money is spent. Students speak with agents representing talent, negotiate contracts and book entertainers. They are responsible for marketing the programs and providing all support for the events.

The board meets weekly. All students are invited to participate. No prior experience is required. Interested students should stop by the Student Life and Campus Inclusion office located in Room 1530 on the Des Plaines campus or call 847.635.1699.

CAB East (Skokie)

CAB East represents the student voice at the Ray Harstein Campus in Skokie. This student organization takes an active role in planning, programming, and carrying out events; identifying issues and needs; and developing student life on campus. Members may also have concurrent positions on the Student Government Association (SGA) or any other student clubs.

CAB East encourages students to participate and to experience the various opportunities of college life at Oakton. Interested students should stop by the Student Life and Campus Inclusion office located in Room A130 on the Ray Hartstein Campus or call 847.635.1443.