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Stacey Vanada
"We help students meet educational goals and plan for the upcoming semester, long-term goals, and transferring. I hope students gain a sense of belonging and build confidence in exploring higher education and making decisions."

Stacey Vanada

Academic Advisor

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A School Focused on Your Success

As a student at Oakton, you'll work with faculty and advisors who are personally invested in you achieving your goals. We try to keep our classes small, so you'll be able to build real connections with your instructors as they guide and teach you.

At our Career and Transfer Center, you can get key support to plan your studies and useful skills for your job hunt after you leave us. If you're aiming to transfer to another institution after completing your general education courses, our transfer specialists will help you find the proper courses, fill out your paperwork and make sure your hard-earned credits transfer. If you're here for a degree or certification, we can make sure you're taking the classes that will lead to graduation and, more importantly, give you the skills you need to find and build a career.

We understand, too, that achieving success is a long-term venture, and we offer day-to-day support to ensure you're able to stay on your educational path. For example, as an Oakton student, you'll have access to our Counseling and Wellness Center and to counselors on call who are ready to offer you any assistance you might need when you need it.