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Routes Students Can Take

Oakton offers two ways for high school students to earn college credit. 

Dual Credit: Oakton collaborates with partner high schools across the district area to offer college-level classes to eligible, driven high school students. Our dual credit courses are taught in high school classrooms by Oakton-approved high school teachers.

Concurrent Enrollment: Oakton's Concurrent Enrollment Program allows high school juniors and seniors with a minimum cumulative GPA of C or higher to take one college class per semester on one of our campuses or online.

Learn More About Early College

For students seeking a certificate, associates degree, or transferrable credits. 

Wherever they are on their journey, students can start researching Oakton's Areas of Interest

If they are looking for a specific program, start with the Program Listing. And, for those who want to transfer, peruse our Transfer Partnerships and Guides.

A great way to explore students' interests, skills and strengths is by taking our Career Coach Assessment. It is a short online quiz, backed by research and connected to Oakton's offerings.  

Take the Career Coach Assessment

For students seeking short credentials to quickly enter the workforce, non-credit. 

 Students can prepare for in-demand industries with short-term certifications, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Personal Training
  • Real Estate 
  • Truck Driving
  • and more! 

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What Your Student Can Expect: Application Process

Paying for College

Encourage your students to apply for FAFSA early. Oakton's school code is 009896.

Have everyone complete the application to be considered for all Oakton scholarships; the deadlines are early spring and fall.

Learn more about financial aid, scholarships, grants and setting up a payment plan below.

Explore more ways to pay for college

Sanele Stewart
“In high school, I was pretty sure I wanted to continue my education, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do community college. After hearing about how Oakton’s Emory Williams Academy for Black Men program could connect me with people who share similar experiences, Oakton became a ‘for sure’ in my mind.”

Sanele Stewart

Elizabeth Perez
“During quarantine, I thought about what I wanted to do after high school and I still didn’t know. I kept seeing a bunch of nursing TikToks and I realized I could really help people and make an impact if I became a nurse. My counselor told me I could enroll in Oakton's Basic Nurse Assistant Training (BNAT) while I was still in high school and really guided me into the path of nursing. I’m so grateful to my counselor."

Elizabeth Perez

Victor Leca
"Oakton's a small college where you get to interact with teachers and a lot of them are experienced in a lot of different industries. They love what they do and they have a lot of knowledge to pass on to us. You can learn a lot and have hands-on experience even though it’s not a huge university. There are more opportunities than you think socially for clubs and lots of opportunities for career development and internship opportunities.”

Victor Leca

Lydia Cruz
“The Asian American and Pacific Islander community want to know more about our roots, and we want to connect with our culture. At Oakton, there are so many cultural groups and clubs that help students do just that... Coming to Oakton, I really found my people... I’m still growing and developing, but my experiences here have helped amplify my voice and given me confidence in becoming a leader.”

Lydia Cruz

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