Withdrawal from Classes

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the College when withdrawing from class(es). A student must withdraw officially, in writing. This can be done in person with a photo I.D., at the Enrollment Center or by mail, fax: 847.635.1706 or online during the refund period.

Failure to attend classes or to pay tuition and fees does not constitute withdrawal and may result in a failing grade for the class(es).

Tuition refunds are only given when a student officially withdraws by the refund date. See withdrawal and refund dates. Check exact drop deadline dates through myOakton by selecting "Concise Student Schedule."

Students who officially withdraw from class(es) through the official withdrawal date will have the class(es) listed with a "W" indicator on their transcript.

Students and former students may request an administrative withdrawal from a course or courses, based on extenuating circumstances, up to two years after the official withdrawal date.

Exceptions for late withdrawal are considered on a case by case basis and follow the steps outlined below.

  • Include a letter explaining circumstances, written by the student.
  • Provide documentation of the unusual circumstances.